Touché Tho’lle #8

Touché Tho’lle #8 Edition

Salt of the Earth: The Power of Epsom Salt

Magnesium Sulphate, commonly known as Epsom salt has a number of natural benefits, including relaxation and removing toxins from the body.  For the longest time the benefit of salt has been sworn by many, but overtime as our lives turned into convenient monochrome systems, we turned away from the power of natural living and invested our trust into commercially available products. 

Did you know that a paste of Epsom salt can be used to sooth a splinter, inflamed toe-nail, a fungal condition and a soak in a hot Epsom salt bath can ease sore and tired muscles.  The benefits of Epsom salts have long been known, but unfortunately the westernisation of our society has failed to pass on natural remedies in the home.  Tea-tree essential oils for example has antiseptic properties and can be used on cuts and grazes.  Overtime families have lost their connection with nature and simultaneously lost touch with the power of nature and in particular those that come from the most basic ingredients mother nature has to offer. 

Today, many Gynacologist and midwives still recommend that women soak in a salt bath after having their babies, as the salt helps to heal the wound (and dry it out) to speed up recovery.  Yet as a mother myself, I have never encouraged anyone of my children to use a salt bath to help with common scrapes and cuts and I can only image it is to the disconnect I had with nature prior to this journey of mine.  Now, I have a whole storage room full of natural products and ingredients to help us on our way.  

We use Epsom salts in our Detox Soaking Salts and our Exfoliating Salt Scrub because not only is it mild and gentle, but most importantly it packs a powerful punch.

Detox Soaking Salts

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Exfoliating Salt Scrub

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Our products are natural, vegan, chemical, additive, preservative and cruelty free – the only way we know how. 

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