Touché Tho’lle April Edition #6

Touché Tho’lle #6 Edition

Experiencing Eczema!

I am a married mother of three, my husband, my youngest daughter and my son all suffer(ed) from eczema.  After being married for 19 years and experiencing the harshest of outbreaks, I’ve definitely had my fair share of woes when it comes to eczema.  Of all my dear loved ones, my youngest a boy has it the worst.  It took us so many years to understand what it is and how it works, what the triggers and are consequences of using certain chemicals.  Doctors visits were often short with a simple script for a cortisone cream – which admittedly always worked.  At the same time though, the extensive use was always linked with a risk.

Over time we learned which products affected who.  We soon realised that it was never only contact dermatitis but often always linked to something they ate.  My daughter would break out almost instantly after eating peanut butter, eating certain brands of tomato sauce and overdoing dairy.  My husband, has a direct reaction to highly abrasive chemicals (but we suspect years of trauma to the affected areas are why this still happens so flippently), and my son has a direct trigger from dairy.  We realised that we needed to be cautious of what we consumed and what we used in our home.  I researched natural products extensively and started to read up on ingredients even on the mildest of soaps that we used to use and I was always shocked by what I found.  Even though many of the products claimed to be moisturising, they still contained ingredients that are listed as allergens or causing skin reactions.  This was one of the biggest reasons for our investment in a natural products business.  We were so bewildered when we realised the difference between commercially produced products and natural products.  Our natural products contain somewhere between 3 and 8 ingredients (at the most), while commercial products contain between 12 and 30.  It is almost illogical to comprehend.

This research together with our quest to own a farm one day brought us to the world of veganism.  Once we had researched and seen the significant link between animal products and adverse human reactions (including allergies and diseases), we knew we were on the right path.

When we became vegan we realised that the link was real, my daughter has not had an outbreak since we converted to veganism and my son’s ailments soon cleared up.  Hubby had a significant drop in incidents, but as my beloved husband cannot stay away from peanut butter, he is the product of his own woes.  He acknowledges that each time he sinks his teeth into a delectable peanut butter sandwich he will suffer the consequences.  His view is that the taste albeit for a moment is worth the aftereffect.  Me, I’m not so sure.

In order to aid the times when we have these self-induced out-breaks we have formulated an all natural additive and preservative free cream for troubled skin.  We call it Butter Bliss: Skin Relief Cream.  The ingredients include, Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Avocado Butter, Caster Oil, Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils.  These ingredients are mother’s natures remedies associated with natural healing.  Our eldest daughter started using the cream on her acne breakout and we are delighted with the results, it really seems to be a natural cream giving major skin relief.

Our Butter Bliss

Skin Relief cream is available on our online store. Visit the link to our Bath and Body range.

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