Touché Tho’lle #15

Touché Tho’lle #15 Edition

Juiced, Just Juiced

I have had a problem with 100% fruit juice blends for many years.  It is quite ironic to think that a 100% fruit juice blend exists, I always ask myself what exactly is a 100% fruit juice blend.  Are two juiced blended together?  When reading the ingredients it becomes quite apparent as a 100% apple juice blend, can contain as many as 3 different fruits which primarily come from a fruit concentrate.  So what is a fruit concentrate then?  A fruit concentrate is when a fruit juice has been heated to such an extent that most of the water evaporates leaving behind a concentrated form of the juice.  This makes it easier to ship to manufacturers and to reconstitute later.  Thus normally as part of the ingredient listing you will read, reconstituted fruit juice.  So this is when they take the fruit concentrate and add water to it to make it ‘fruit juice’ again.  In my mind a reconstituted fruit juice cannot then be a 100% fruit juice as it is a concentrate mixed with water, so the natural water from the fruit was removed and then added with new water at a later stage. 

What happens when you need to add water, is you have to add a preservative.  Whole (real) foods in their natural form are designed to rot and ferment, it is part of the natural process of food.  However, as humans we have decided that shelf life is important and we demand longer lasting food.  So not only does adding water to a product mean that there is generally an added preservative, but at the same time we have created the need for it.  I you were to make a fruit juice at home (by liquifying your own fruit), it would last at most 7 days in the fridge.  Reconstituted fruit juice blends with the right preservative can last years. 

While I have known this for many years, I was shocked when I purchased a 100% orange juice from a retailer who promotes the healthiest of food.  In my mind, it would be the 1 retailer who would be true to their word.  I was so very wrong.  This retailer who in anyone’s view is the front-runner with health conscious consumers, had done exactly the same thing.  Their 100% orange juice, was in fact reconstituted fruit concentrate with added water, preservatives and flavouring.  So the fruit juice I was drinking wasn’t even the real deal.  How then was it possible to be 100% orange juice when it contained a flavouring.  Which they didn’t even bother to identify other than listing flavouring.  So my trust has completely gone out the window and I have great concern with the extent to which we believe packaging.  It is far beyond perception over form as we find ourselves living such rushed lives we need to believe retailers when they make proclamations about health and wellness.  Will this madness never end?

In summary, if you want real fruit juice, you are better off buying juicer and doing it yourself.  Yes, it takes time and isn’t quite as convenient as paying someone else to have done so, but not only are you assured that you are getting another but nutrients, you are also very sure to reduce your plastic impact!  Drink more water, less juice and when you do juice it go DIY! 

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