Touché Tho’lle #14

Touché Tho’lle #14 Edition

You, Me and three significant years: Part 3: 2050

It is difficult to comprehend the future 30-years from now, particularly when it seems pretty far out from our current existence.  Further predictability categorically states the extreme advancement of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which puts movies such as “I am Mother” front and centre.  Although we have heard about major advancements in AI when tested in VR (Virtual Reality) scenarios, we already have something to fear.  Google tested a game against AI in which the stakes were to incur or hurt an opponent only if necessary in a match similar to chess.  The AI was quite pleasant during the process until pressure was applied and the stakes got harder.  AI then used its tactical VR weaponry as extensive as possible to beat the odds.  If situations like this are already in play and we uploaded a human brain earlier this year, why is a world dominated by AI hard to believe.  To my personal shock and horror I have seen robotics do human like activity already and I’m again very cautionary about introducing AI at the possible expense of humanity. 

Personally based on the research I have undertaken, I see 2050 as the birth of the industrialised human in a world we will struggle to imagine.  It is a complex multi-community of human existence divided between nomadic living, industrialised cities and artificial intelligence.  Remember the cyborg is already 15 years old. 

At this point save extensive natural disasters, we are sitting at 9,5 billion people globally. The lack of available land space has created a problem not only for natural existence, but also for the affordability of food production.  As a result humans have developed industrial agricultural farming in sky-scrapers (already at play by the way) to secure food resources.  These are paralleled in city buildings termed vertical farming and it is likely that the only places able to grow crops naturally are Canada and Russia.  As a result of combating wastage, we enter into a food-rationing system and the only meat readily available is produced in a laboratory.  In order to ensure that crops can grow in harsh terrain, the advancement of GMO crops are surreal and we are no longer able to grow coffee beans or grapes for wine.  The only fish left is farmed fish, which is highly intoxicated with antibiotics and other chemicals because they are bred in smaller spaces.  Roughly 5 billion people will reside in water scarce areas and due to the food and water crisis we have protests and rioting for food and water.  We are officially in a mini-ice age. 

At this time we start to see the development of an Artificial Super-intelligence and as a result we start to deploy AI defence systems.  This is when we start to explore new life on Mars and inter-space as a necessary.  Our development in the medical field together with AI will present the opportunity for immortality. 

I have no real answer to the question, “will this happen?”  I do however state that there is a 3/5 probability rating for each possible event should the necessary precautionary steps or procedural changes not be implemented.  Thus at any given time it is highly likely that 3/5 of the predictions will come true.  Sadly, I’m not the one doing the choosing. 

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We thank and acknowledge all our sources for making this information available. 

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