Touché Tho’lle #13

Touché Tho’lle #13 Edition

You, Me and three significant years: Part 2: 2035

Fast forward 15 years and we are at the point of no-return.  Theorists indicate that the year 2035 is a make-it or break-it year.  If we have not made significant inroads into reducing our horrific impact on planet earth, we are headed for doom.  This albeit a scary way of depicting our future, is a necessary one.  For many years we have avoided the belief that climate change is real and we have written off global warming as something that is inevitable and that has taken place in a cyclical fashion and something that is part of the course and has not been a man-made creation.  Well, consider that many exotic locations have had to close their natural beaches due to a flood of plastic ocean hitting their shores, we can no longer turn a blind eye.  The same floods of plastic have hit South African shores with the storms we have at our coastal provinces to such an extent that people could literally walk on water because they were walking on a sea of plastic which kept them buoyant.  In addition to this, we have created our own food and health crisis because of the food we eat and how we produce it.  As humans we have demanded longer shelf-life to food products including fresh produce, thus enter the preservative, a chemical product that we have endorsed because we want our food to last longer.  We are sadly to blame and it will take too many years to un-convince minds that have been brainwashed into believing what corporations have dictated to us. 

In the year 2035, there is a global temperature increase of approximately 1,5deg celsius, and the world cannot survive anything more than 2 degrees.  At this time, we have grown to a global population of approximately 8,5 billion people and we are now slaughtering 150billion livestock annually and over 3trillion fish, or whatever is left in the ocean if we can find it.  Our fisheries have not only started to plummet because of over-fishing but because of the added carbon dioxide we continue to dump in the ocean.  We have started to eradicate marine life, far more than the plastic crisis will ever have.  It never was about the straw.  There are exceptionally hotter summers and a significant increase in skin cancer. 

90% of our food will be from GMO (genetically modified organisms) sources and enter what is called the meat shock.  Meat becomes so expensive, that only the rich can afford it, the middle-class by virtue of cost-containment become somewhat vegan because they have no other choice.  In addition to a meat shock, there is the imitation of the water-crisis, food-crisis and work-crisis.  We have reached record high medical costs (around 8% of GDP), and we have started to formulate super-drugs (because we can).  There is a major loss of land (for agricultural farming) and this is part of the reason for the high cost of meat production.  Lab-meat production starts to overtake traditional livestock farming as a source of meat product.  Eating a restaurants will start to dwindle as grocery chain stores. 

As far as AI (artificial intelligence) goes, the scary stuff starts to unfold.  We are able to hang-onto lost loved ones through AR (Augmented Reality).  Creepy or humbling to invite granny passed-on to dinner?  We develop brain-computer interfaces, which makes vegans exceptionally happy as we are now able to communicate with animals.  We develop medical implants, accelerate the use of nano-bots and welcome to the birth of the first cyborg.  While it might be less mournful to hang onto lost loved ones through AR, I’m not quite sure this is something we should be doing.

Whenever I think about the possibilities of the future and where we are headed I am reminded of the truth spoken by the Dr in Jurassic Park, he says “You were so fixated on the fact that you could do it, you never stopped to think if you SHOULD”.  I know this will only resonate with the creators after the fact, much like plastic production, but I’ve chosen to state it categorically anyway.  Maybe somethings just should not be done! 

Food for thought?

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