Touché Tho’lle #12

Touché Tho’lle #12 Edition

You, Me and three significant years: Part 1: 2020

Not only do I have a vested business interest in understanding the future, but I also developed a personal fascination with uncovering our future path.  This interest developed from understanding the impact humans have had on the environment and how our progression is the reason for our planet’s peril to come.  I have three children, two teens and a little one who somehow decided to arrive when I thought my child-bearing days were over.  He was a true surprise and a forever blessing.  When I think about what lies ahead for them, I am almost numbed with concern as from indicative research it is a scary place.  In global-warming and climate change discussions with my husband, he always says that he just can’t see it.  My response to that is because so little changes on face value from our perspective, the place we live is not plagued by weather catastrophes or plastic mountains and therefore it is quite hard to notice that change has rapidly started to decay this place we call home.  If however you extend your view beyond our ‘home-to-work” walls you will notice something very very different.  Our planet is already unable to sustain polar caps and the wildlife that exists there so why do we continue to turn a blind eye?  For this reason I primarily developed a talk themed “You, me and three significant years” and having explained the future course of humanity an attendee suggested I document the talk due to its importance, and thus the first of more to come.

The first year is this year (or 2020, as it increases in 15-year increments, to 2035 and 2050).  So the year 2020, I first summarise the average family as follows:

  • Adults of 40+ years of age, who are descendants of the Baby-boomer generation
  • Two teenage children in the house-hold who are Generation X or “Next Gen”
  • Parents are likely to have a form of tertiary education and are active in the workforce
  • We are also the product of the manufacturing boom and we are to our detriment (or-not) technologically apt

The year 2035 is regarded as the point of no return, which means that if we do not make drastic change to the way in which we are creating planetary peril, there is no coming back from the destruction that awaits us.  Research horrifyingly also shows that even if we do start to make small inroads, we will likely only delay the point of no-return, thus buying us around 6-7 years before we mark the start of our extinction.

There are currently around 7,5 billion people on earth and collectively we consume around 70billion land animals and 2,4trillion fish annually.  Yes thats right about 80 000 land animals are slaughtered every hour.  Only about 6% of the population is vegan and in South Africa that statistic is only 3%, equating to around 1.6million citizens this side of Africa.  We produce more chemicals on an annual basis that we will ever be able to understand the effects of and we will never be able to effectively test those chemicals we have created for personal care and food products.  Yet we continue to consume them without blinking our eyes, because….convenience.

45% of the population has at least 1 chronic disease.

We produce around 1billion tons of waste per year of which only 10% is recycled and in that number each person throws away 2kg of waste every single day.  So if you think you aren’t littering our planet think again, just because you didn’t throw it on the pavement doesn’t mean you haven’t littered.  Your litter is just conveniently taken to another location for you.  We have increased our application for GMO (genetically modified organisms) food production and this will continue to increase and we will be sold that its a good thing because of the inconsistent weather patterns.  70% of the worlds produced antibiotics produced are given to animals, yes those 70billion we feel we need to consume.  The biggest concern with the medicinal field is that due to the adaptation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, we will soon render antibiotics completely useless.  Again, this is man creating an epidemic for the future that we refuse to acknowledge or manage.

Ad we have successfully completed the first human brain upload.  What does this mean?  In 2019 we have seen the first human brain memory and processing system uploaded into a computer – thus the birth of Artificial Intelligence with thought and choice receptors.  I cannot see how this is a good thing!  Ever.

Personally I remain bewildered with our future.  If we consider the history of future predictions which primarily hit our response systems through television programmes, we have a lot to be cautioned about.  I am not sure which will come for us first, extreme evolution of animals, zombies or artificial intelligence, but accept these words…a future we do not want is fast approaching.

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Our research is as sound as our sources and we use the following with a 3/5 probability rating:

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We thank and acknowledge all our sources for making this information available. 

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