Touché Tho’lle #11

Touché Tho’lle #11 Edition

My journey to veganism: Perplexed Finds

Prior to and during my vegan transition I did a lot of research.  I researched, health, sustainability, animal cruelty and the history of consumerism.  While transitioning on my journey I had some surprising finds and many touché moments.  During my journey I came to realise that so many things that I was taught and led to believe weren’t necessarily truth, but mostly coined marketing and consumerism tactics.  Growing up, I always believed what I was told and followed suit like a good-girl.  At school you needed to tow the line for fear of failure and at home my mom was pretty strict so we seldom questioned the way things were.   We just did. 

When I reached adult hood, I developed a new curiosity and am very grateful for the advancement in technology which allowed me to have information more readily available.  I could demand answers when I wanted them.  I was perplexed by what I found and still fail to understand that while there is this wealth of information out there.  It isn’t accessed or  portrayed nearly as widely as it should.  As many as 4 years back, the World Health Organisation published a paper that confirmed processed meat as a category 1 carcinogen.  This means that there is a strong correlation between cancer and having eaten processed meat.  In fact smoking and exposure to plutonium, uranium and asbestos is in the same category.  Why they has this never been announced? 

I keep asking myself why and then I dig a little deeper.  I was not surprised to find out that the food pyramid, which was first published in the 70’s was the endorsed work of the agriculture industry.  So it became apparent to me that much of what we were led to believe was not the result of research, but more pronouncedly the work of corporations.  Red meat is a category B carcinogen and various global cancer associations actually recommend a drastic decrease in the amount of red meat that is consumed.  It is then alarming that while these correlations exist companies still promote excessive meat as good and necessary as part of a healthy eating plan.  In fact what I have researched it is quite the opposite, eating meat and animal products could have very negative health effects.  We have been following a food pyramid for so long that it has become an ingrained train of thought and still today it is taught in schools, despite new information being made available.   Luckily this year, Canada decided to publish a new pyramid which completely dispels the belief that your prominent nutrients need to be derived from carbohydrates.  One of the amazing developments of this food pyramid (which is actually now a plate so its round not a pyramid) is that there is no need to consume dairy milk as a necessary nutrient.  This food guide promotes water as the primary drink, without the need to consume any other liquids as a nutrient need.  Essentially this means, that humans can survive very well without drinking any other liquid other than water.  An exceptionally interesting find considering that we have been conditioned to believe that you require milk as a source of calcium.  In fact other health research indicates that milk extracts milk from the body.  So why the fuss? 

Well, if we have been programmed to believe certain things as true through no fault of our own, then there is a concerted effort to start questioning, particularly where your health is concerned.  I will encourage everyone to ask why until they are satisfied that the answer resonates with you and that it rests well enough with your moral compass.  Don’t stop at the first, second or even third answer, keep probing until you find the raw result. 

I also found that contrary to marketing and advertising promotions animals live quite torturous lives.  There is no happy cow in a dairy farm and chickens don’t quite want to lay near on an egg a day, their bodies aren’t really designed to handle it.  If the were allowed to live free and natural lives, the would live quite happily if they weren’t exploited for human consumption.  Roughly 70billion land animals slaughtered on an annual basis to feed around 6.4billion humans.  This means that human consumption of animal products exceeds their own population 10 fold.  Surely this number should be greatly contested!  That doesn’t even include fish, which is somewhere between 1 and 3 trillion a year.  A number so vast we can’t even keep count.

Our products are natural, vegan, chemical, additive, preservative and cruelty free – the only way we know how. 

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