Touché Tho’lle #10

Touché Tho’lle #10 Edition

Understanding Food: Debunking the Food Pyramid!

Did you know that the food pyramid, which evidently taught us our ‘scientific’ food requirements in school was developed in 1974 by the Swedes.  It was later adapted by the USA and endorsed by the agriculture industry.  Note, the agriculture industry, not the medical industry.  Thus, for the past years of our lives, we have trained our eating habits to the benefit of the industries that benefit from the way we consume foods.  For the past 10 years, plant-based medical professionals have been promoting diets that are primarily plant based.  Why?  Because of the gross connection between ill-health and the consumption of food!  If you look at recent developments in nutrient rich foods, there is a move away from the notion of a diet and a major focus on changing one’s relationship with food. One that is idealised by the nutrients that real whole foods are supposed to provide.

This year, Canada released its new and updated food pyramid, which is a great step towards nutrient rich foods that increase the quality of nourishment we are supposed to receive.  Remarkably, this new updated food pyramid also talks less about animal based foods and more about nutrient foods.  So instead of promoting that you need to get your protein from animal sources, it refers to obtaining protein from nutrient rich foods.  Of course as a vegan this makes me very happy.  More so though, there is a big drive at changing these historical beliefs about food and where they came from, and more importantly who they were endorsed by.   Consider eggs for example, the primary purpose of an egg is to grow a baby chick, the product is packed with protein and fat that’s it, its a round bundle of protein and fat.  For years doctors have tasked people with reducing the consumption of eggs because of its high cholesterol levels.  This has not significantly changed consumer behaviour or heavily reduced the consumption of eggs.  In fact, eggs have become a source of stabiliser and additive in many processed foods found on commercial shelves across the world. 

If I think about my pre-vegan days, I can’t actually recall liking the taste of an egg.  Particularly not a boiled egg.  I remember often eating scrambled or poached eggs but never just as eggs.  I always had some other product laden on top of it.  So if I didn’t really like the taste, why did I eat them?  I don’t have an answer yet, but can only think that with years of indoctrination that made egg eating part of a ‘nutritional’ diet, I ate them because my history taught me that it was supposed to be that way.

Today, I find myself questioning a lot more.  I ask questions that I always thought I had the answer to.  Such as you need to get most of your daily diet from carbohydrates – Ahem, not so!  And that you needed animal produce to survive, – ahem again, not so.  If this was true, then all vegans would perish slow dreadful lives?  Surely?  

So with the continued struggle of ill-health, there must be an education of connection which takes the world by storm.  Take your health and future seriously, question everything and with enough time you will find the answers you are looking for.  Make sure that you research all sides of the story and then use your logic and experience to come up with a solution that works for you.  Make the connection between longevity and nutrition.  Give yourself the gift of health and spread it – widely.  

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