About Us

Tho’lle is a natural and vegan products and services company with a zest for beauty, nature and everything happy.  These three words encompass our mantra as a business, we devote our products to nature, making sure that the impact on our living environment is a little as possible. 

We don’t like chemicals and we avoid them as far as possible. We create products that are naturally good and we don’t take more than we give. 

We love everything beautiful, inside and out and thats why our products feel as good as they look, we don’t like plastic and therefore we package in the best and least impactful containers we can. 

We love glass, wood, tin and paper everything else is at a bare minimum. 

Our fundamental tier is happy, everything we create comes from happy and is designed to give happy. We believe in the miracle of happiness and we promote it in everything we do.  When we tread lightly on Mother Nature, we can embrace her beauty and live happily.

Beautifully   |   Naturally   |   Happily

In promoting veganism and naturalism, Tho’lle is proud to have received its PETA, VeganSA and Bryanston Organic Market listings.

Our cosmetic, bath and body range is listed as vegan and cruelty free with PETA’s (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) Beauty without Bunnies programme.  To view our listing click here.

Our VeganSA listing can be found here.

If you would like to find out more about a vegan lifestyle and other vegan products you can visit Vegan SA – the directory for vegans in South Africa by clicking here. VeganSA is a holistic directory providing listings for veganism in South Africa, including restaurants, recipes, places to stay and shop and which foods and other vegan products are available.

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