The Tho’lle Journey

The Tho’lle journey started with a small idea that turned into an amazing adventure.  Our family has some unfortunate allergies and three of us suffer from eczema. In order to curb the symptoms we began researching possible triggers and found that they came from both products that we put on our bodies and some of the things we eat.

After looking at many possible ways to limit our exposure, we decided that a solution for our family was to become as natural as possible and we started eradicating chemicals from our household products as well as those products classified as beauty products.

We started with manufacturing soaps in our kitchen and soon realised the wonderful gifts mother nature has available to us.  We are still a long way from a final destination and we continually seek to add products to our range that are natural, chemical, additive, preservative and cruelty free.

We also opt not to package in plastic and for this reason our product growth takes a little longer as we want to be sure we have the means to package it and provide refill options.

As we made headway with our research we discovered veganism, thus all our products are vegan and cruelty free.

In our product range we wanted to expand and share our whole foods, home-cooked style with our customers and have added a delectable vegan cuisine category to our product offering.  Our foods are wholesome and additive and preservative free too.  Our belief in veganism is extensive, we have faith in the believe that the future of humanity will be saved through extensive compassion and love, which is extended to all sentient beings.

We believe that our future lives will be humbled with a revert to naturalism which is underpinned by veganism.  We are a proudly vegan family.  We are a proudly vegan business too!

We are doing this because of our mantra because we love nature, because our health has improved and we jointly want to reduce our impact on our beautiful planet.

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Our Vision

In the future we would like to offer a complete natural range for home and body.  We want to provide a simple solution to help families join in the happiness of natural and to be proud of making small changes with lasting effects. 

Our vegan journey will see us transform Tho’lle into a full vegan and natural product and service business helping those who share our love for nature, beauty and happy to play an active role in sustainability.  We know we won’t always get it right and there will always be a way for us to do better, but we know with your help we can and we will.  We gave our first attempt at Vegan chocolate and oh-my what an intensely delicious experience, we will have to find a way to share it!

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